4 Benefits of School Physicals for You and Your Child

As the summer slowly starts winding down, thoughts will soon start turning to the opening of the school year. This can be both an exciting and worrying time for child and parent alike, especially in the younger years, as your child starts becoming more independent. That is why it is always reassuring to know there are options available to make sure that they are developing into a healthy and active member of the school community. One option for this is a school physical.

4 Benefits of School Physicals for You and Your Child

While the school physical is a way to achieve peace of mind, it can also help with the early diagnosis of any developmental problems. Also, if your child is involved in sports, then a sports physical can be done as well.

Check Eyesight

During the school physical, the doctor will check your child’s vision to make sure they are functioning well. This is because problems with your child’s eyes can have an adverse effect on their progress at school. It can affect concentration and mood and can lead to problems with reading and writing.

Sometimes, the problem might be very small, or your child is simply too embarrassed to tell you. Either way, your doctor will be able to help get a clearer picture of this situation.

Get an Accurate Picture of Your Child’s Development

By having yearly back-to-school physicals, your doctor will be able to develop a thorough idea of your child’s overall growth and development. They will be able to compare data from the previous year and measure it against national standards.

During the physical, the doctor will check your child’s body mass, hearing, and weight. This is very useful in determining if your child is developing well and is where they need to be at their current stage of life.

Keep Your School Informed

In many states, it is a requirement that children have school physicals at different school stages or upon moving to another district or state. This is useful, as your school will be aware of any illnesses or growth problems that may be detrimental to your child’s participation in certain school activities.

It can also help the school provide the right support for your child throughout their time at school and stop the spread of any contagious bugs or diseases.

Perfect Time to Address Any of Your Concerns

As the school year gets into full swing, it is unlikely that you will have a chance to schedule an appointment to see your pediatrician. Therefore, an annual check-up is a great opportunity to get a comprehensive update on your child’s progress and ask the pediatrician any questions you may have regarding how your child’s behavior and health have been over the previous year.

As mentioned above, if your child is having some behavioral issues, it could be as a result of some problems with their growth, eyesight, or even hearing.

Even if you are not concerned about your child’s development, it is always a good idea to get your child regularly checked up. Call us today to schedule your annual school physical or discuss any details with us.