What is the American Academy of Pediatrics?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the leading organization for pediatricians. It acts as a resource and regulatory body for those who work in pediatric healthcare. It also provides help to parents by providing advice and much-needed information about child health.

The AAP takes part in many different activities. Below is some information on just a few of these activities so you can get to know more about the function of the AAP.


As a resource for pediatricians all over the country and throughout the world, the American Academy of Pediatrics also acts as a forum for all pediatricians. It provides pediatricians with a much-needed medium to express ideas and look into new or changing health developments. For this reason, the AAP acts as a research body for the field of pediatrics.

What is the American Academy of Pediatrics

The research undertaken by the AAP is mainly geared toward improving the health of children in the United States, meaning it looks for new and innovative ways to improve children’s health. For example, they might fund research that involves finding cures or treatments for existing conditions.

The AAP is important in conducting research that affects the lives of children all over the world. It maintains several academic publications and academic journals that are published for the sole purpose of providing a resource for pediatricians to conduct their own research. It is for this reason that the AAP is important as a think tank and a knowledge base.


In conjunction with its research efforts, the American Academy of Pediatrics also takes part in advocacy and charitable causes. As an influential medical body, the movements and causes that the AAP supports are significant, and the attention garnered by the organization improves the outlook of the cause by providing more visibility.

In addition, the work towards the prevention of—or the end of—certain worldwide problems makes the organization’s research all the more important. The AAP helps to fund or back research that is made in order to stop or prevent diseases and other health problems.


As has been covered, the AAP is an important part of researching common or rare conditions in the field of pediatrics. Apart from this important role, the organization also helps to coordinate and regulate the body of pediatric health professionals throughout the United States. That means that the AAP takes part in acting as a resource for medical students who desire to become pediatricians.

As a forum for pediatricians, the AAP also connects those new or learning pediatricians to veterans in the field and helps them learn or gain experience. Finally, as an educative body, the AAP backs or disavows medical professionals based on their views and publications.

The AAP is an important regulatory body in the field of pediatrics. As an important and influential organization in the United States, it helps to fund and improve children’s health all over the world.