How to Help Your Child Overcome His Fears of Visiting a Pediatrician

For many children, a visit to the doctor is an anxiety-laden experience. Many pediatricians try to alleviate these stresses by making their office as comfortable as possible, but the office is still filled with sights and sounds that seem exotic and alien to a child’s mind. Luckily, there are a number of precautions you can take to minimize the impact on your child’s psyche.


Be Open and Honest

The expectation of an immunization is often more painful than the needle itself, but parents shouldn’t obfuscate what to expect from the experience. When your child is concerned about a shot or blood prick, let them know that it’s a possibility while reassuring them that it’s nothing to be concerned about. Prepare your toddler for the visit by treating the opportunity as a learning exercise. Reading books or engaging in role playing can help take the mystique out of the experience. Show them how common instruments, like stethoscopes and scales, work and then let them practice on their toys. If childrenarefamiliar with what to expect and better understands the reasoning behind it, they’ll be less inclined to be afraid.

Build Rapport with Your Pediatrician

You know that your pediatrician is concerned with the best interest of your child, but he or shemay seem like just another stranger to your child. Consult with your doctor to find an approach that helps create a bond. When your doctor is familiar with your child’s interests, he or she can help establish a connection that will set your child at ease. If the pediatrician is worried that the professional sterility of a lab coat may alarm your child, her or shemay be willing to dress in more casual attire. Try these steps when bringing your child to a pediatrics office in Littleton, such as Focus on Kids Pediatrics.

Be Present During the Visit

You’re the most important authority in your child’s life, and your presence during the visit to the pediatrician can go a long way towards alleviating his or herstress. Rather than relying on a family member, make sure to be present during the visit. Expressing a calm demeanor and conveying a reassuring presence will set cues that can help put your childat ease.

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