Identifying the Traits Necessary to Make a Good Pediatrician

Pediatricians not only need to be good doctors, they also need to be able to relate well to children. Good communication skills are considered the number one trait a pediatrician should have. They need to be diplomatic, persuasive and sympathetic when working with children as well as their parents.

Identifying the Traits Necessary to Make a Good Pediatrician

Diplomacy is required when the pediatrician needs to talk to parents about sensitive issues such as personal hygiene or childhood obesity. Doctors also need genuine compassion when they treat children with chronic illnesses, as well as gentle persuasiveness when they need to convince parents and colleagues to make changes in their work or lifestyle.

The Power of Observation

Littleton pediatrics involves the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries of children. The doctors may not be able to get information from young children about how they feel, since they are still developing their ability to express themselves clearly. This is why the pediatrician needs to be observant, patient and open-minded. The doctor may need to observe subtle changes in the patient’s demeanor and condition and be able to draw conclusions based on these changes.

They also need to be open-minded to adapt to change and accept views that may contradict their own. Pediatricians need to use a variety of tools to make correct diagnoses.

Building Routine and Familiarity

It is recommended to parents that they visit the same pediatrician throughout their child’s childhood, so the doctor has a clear, overall view of the child’s development. It will be easier for a doctor who has known a child since infancy to understand symptoms and to see chronic problem if they arise. On the other hand, the familiarity and rapport established throughout time also puts the child at ease, making a visit to the doctor a lot less scary for them.

Remember, there will be plenty of instances and opportunities for your child and their pediatrician to interact. You would want it to come to a point when it won’t be so much of a struggle for you to bring your child into the doctor’s office. In this case, familiarity can be very advantageous.


Some of the services you can expect from a Littleton pediatrician are:

• Physicals for general wellness, school and sports
• Immunizations
• Newborn exams
• Preventative guidance
• Developmental assessment

When looking for a Littleton pediatrician, you can be sure to find a doctor who enjoys healing children and who communicates well with the patient’s parents.



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