Pediatrician or General Physician: Which is Best for Your Children?

If you’ve recently become a parent or moved to the Littleton area, you may find yourself looking for a pediatrician. Pediatricians are better suited to the care of children than your own primary care physician. Though your doctor may be an excellent care provider, there are many reasons children should see a pediatrician rather than an adult doctor.


Anatomical Differences

Little bodies are always growing, developing and changing. As a result, children’s bodies are not anatomically identical to adults. Because children are not just smaller versions of their parents anatomically, they may develop problems and disorders that don’t affect them and other adults.

Legal Status

Because they are not yet adults, children are unable to make decisions about their medical care on their own. This doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions, however. Pediatricians are adept at understanding the legal issues surrounding the care of children and many can help parents make informed decisions while helping them take their child’s preferences and opinions into account when appropriate. Other doctors may not have much experience dealing with this issue.


Like other doctors, pediatriciansin Littletonfrom trusted practices like Focus on Kits Pediatrics must complete medical school. After that, however, they receive an additional three years of training specifically targeted at the special physical and psychological needs of children and infants. During this time they learn about childhood diseases and other health issues and treatments specific to children so they are better able to diagnose and treat childhood disorders.

A Child-Friendly Environment

Pediatricians work exclusively with children, and their child-friendly offices reflect this. Rather than sticking a few toys in the corner of an adult space, pediatricians are able to gear their entire space to children, making them the primary focus rather than an afterthought. This environment is comforting and soothing to most children as it matches what they expect to find in school or in their bedroom at home where things are designed just for them.

Even if you like your doctor, it’s a good idea to find a qualified pediatrician for your children. If you need help finding one, ask your family and friends or ask your doctor. He’ll know the pediatricians in the area by both name and reputation and can help guide you towards a good match for you and your little ones.


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