Exciting and Educational Activities for Kids in Littleton, CO

Keeping kids busy and engaged can be a difficult talk. Kids are natural learners and want to figure out how things work. So, how can you keep your kids entertained and excited while still helping them learn with a pediatrician in Littleton, CO? Here are a few activities to try in the area!

Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park has many different hiking trails, many of which are suitable for kids. The Visitor Center has great picnic tables for snacks or lunch before or after your hike. Some of the trains even allow for strollers or wagons in case kids get tired on a walk. Throughout the hikes, there are plenty of flowers, rocks, and other elements of nature for everyone to enjoy.

Exciting and Educational Activities for Kids

Littleton Museum

The Littleton Museum has indoor and outdoor exhibits, making it a great option regardless of the weather. The museum features many historical exhibits and even has animals the kids can observe. The living history farms featured at the Littleton Museum give kids a window into the past. The indoor exhibits have an art gallery, a history gallery, and a culture gallery. The museum also hosts different programs throughout the week that include activities like daily chores in the living history farm, handwriting, making butter, and making pies.

The Columbine Library

The Columbine Library is great for simple and free activities. They have daily story times in English and Spanish. They also host activities such as toddler time, family time, and baby time. The Columbine Library has fun activities for everyone in the family. It is an exciting and educational place for kids in the Littleton area.

Kids Dig

Kids Dig is the largest indoor sandbox in Colorado. There is a large play area where everyone can play. You also have the option to rent out private play areas that have picnic tables where you can enjoy lunch. In the sand, there is a huge variety of different toys the kids can play with, such as trucks, shovels, blocks, pales, pipes, and funnels.

Chatfield Farms

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms is a working farm on a 700-acre native plant refuge. You can bring the kids, take a leisurely stroll, and look at all the flowers and plant life. Kids can also look at the butterflies and learn about the different fruits, vegetables, and flowers being grown at Chatfield Farms. The children’s play area features a pond and a treehouse that kids can climb.