The Importance of Regular Pediatric Doctor Visits

Did you know that kids should be visiting the pediatrician regularly even if they aren’t sick?

Regular pediatric well-visits can help parents monitor their child’s growth and development, ensure their child is reaching all of their milestones, screen for any medical issues, establish a good relationship with your child’s pediatrician in Littleton, and set a foundation for healthy habits in life.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to the importance of keeping up with regular doctor visits.

Importance of Regular Pediatric Doctor Visits

What are the Benefits of Regular Pediatric Visits?

There are many benefits to ensuring your child keeps up with regular pediatric visits, including:

Keeping up with immunizations – In addition to visiting the doctor when sick, most kids will visit the pediatrician on a regularly scheduled basis to obtain their immunizations.

Monitoring for growth and development – One of the main reasons for regularly scheduled pediatric visits is to check on the status of your child’s growth and development while comparing their height and weight against CDC growth charts. These regular visits can help catch any issues early and address them properly.

Monitoring for mental health issues – Similarly, regular pediatric visits can help give parents an opportunity to address any social, behavioral, or emotional concerns. Early signs of mental health issues can be considered and evaluated for proper treatment.

Developing healthy habits – Kids who see the pediatrician often will hopefully grow up into adults who don’t fear visiting the doctor when something is wrong. Parents can help set the stage for their child’s future health and wellness by encouraging frequent doctor well-visits from an early age.

Ensuring early invention – Getting the opinion of a medical professional early on in the course of a suspected illness or disorder can lead to improved patient outcomes. Early intervention is key for the treatment of many conditions, and pediatricians may spot symptoms that parents miss. Regular pediatric visits help ensure that any condition is caught early on.

Obtaining referrals – From time to time, your child will need to see a specialist for the diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition or illness. Visiting your child’s pediatrician for a trusted referral is often the first step in the process.

Benefiting from expertise – Doctors who specialize in children are able to assist families in receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment of pediatric illnesses and disorders, while educating parents on proper childhood growth and development.

Building a relationship – Both you and your child will develop a relationship with your pediatrician if you keep up with regular visits. This is important for building trust in both you and your child when your child’s doctor recommends treatment options or must give your child a shot.

Getting answers to questions – Pediatricians are also meant to be a valuable source of parental guidance on a variety of topics on everything from how to set up a proper sleep schedule to how to ensure your kids are behaving well in school.

To benefit from the points above and keep up with your child’s growth and development, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly pediatricians.