Keeping Your Little Ones Safe: Winter Safety Tips

The winter can be a really fun time for the family, with many great activities to enjoy. However, this time of the year presents some unique challenges for parents. Generally, kids love playing in the snow, but it is vital that they do so in a safe way. No matter the age of your children there are some things you should always do.

In this latest post, we look at some winter safety tips which will keep your kiddies safe while still enjoying this fun time of the year.

Keep Them Warm and Dry

Layers are essential regardless of the child’s age. Aim for several thin layers which can easily be removed if they get wet. Some form of waterproof footwear will help keep your child’s feet dry and warm, which minimizes the risk of frostbite.

Remember to use winter accessories no matter whether you are playing outside or traveling to somewhere else. Hats are essential to maintaining body heat, while mittens and scarfs help to keep the cold at bay.

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

This one is really important especially if it has been snowing. While the UVA rays may be weaker during the winter months, it is still possible to suffer from sunburn. It doesn’t matter whether it is cloudy or a blue sky, make sure that you apply sunscreen on any exposed areas of skin before they go out to play.

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe: Winter Safety Tips

Brush Up on Personal Hygiene

Bugs and viruses such as the common cold tend to be more prevalent in the colder months, so it is crucial that you and your kids maintain proper personal hygiene practices.

Make sure they are regularly washing their hands especially if they have the snuffles. They should also cover their mouth with the bend of their elbow if they sneeze. Also, during the flu season ensure that your little one’s shots are up to date as this will help with their immune system defenses.

Enjoy the Snow Safely

The winter should be a fun time for all the family, but it also presents different risks such as trips and falls on slippery surfaces. Crossing the road or walking to the car can be more dangerous than usual, so you should encourage your children to pay more attention and walk slowly.

Your kids might want to spend all day out in the snow, but you should minimize their exposure to the cold specifically when there are snowstorms or the temperature drops below -16˚.

Supervise your children while they are outside and regularly check to see if they are warm and dry. Remove any clothing that becomes wet as this will affect their body temperature.

Winter Activities

Winter is a great time to enjoy sledding, skiing, and skating.  Your children should be supervised at all times and wear the appropriate safety equipment such as helmets and gloves.

Sledding should be done in a safe place far away from roads and crowded areas while skating should be done in designated places under supervision.

If you remember these common-sense rules, then everyone should come through the winter unscathed.