6 Important Safety Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Party

A birthday party should be a fun, memorable event for all involved. Make sure all the memories are happy ones by following these Littleton pediatrics healthcare provider-approved safety tips for your child’s next birthday celebration.

Birthday Party Safety Tips by Littleton Pediatrician

Pool Safety

Pool parties are great crowd-pleasers, especially during the summer months. It’s vital, however, that you take some precautions.

Make sure that children are attended at all times. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one responsible adult for every five children. The adults on guard duty should be strong swimmers. At least one attendee should also be certified in CPR.

Strictly enforce rules around the pool area, such as no running and no fighting.

When it’s time to go inside for cake and ice cream, triple check to ensure there are no kids still outside. Many tragedies have occurred when an unattended child has fallen into a pool.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are being seen more and more frequently. While peanut allergies are still the most common food allergy you’ll encounter, there are many others.

When sending out invitations, don’t forget to ask parents to list any allergies their child may have. Parents of kids with severe food allergies might elect to have their child bring their own sealed food to be sure it’s safe. If one of your guests has a food allergy, keep a watchful eye to be sure they don’t eat or even come in contact with unsafe food.

Allergic children should also have an adrenaline shot known as an EpiPen on hand for emergencies. Administering an EpiPen is extremely simple, and it’s a good practice to learn. Take the time to speak with your Littleton pediatrics health provider to learn how.

Insect Allergies

In addition to food, stinging insects can also cause allergic reactions. If a child is stung, monitor him or her for swelling, trouble breathing, and difficulty swallowing. These signs are very similar to those seen in food allergy reactions. If any of these symptoms appear, call 911 immediately and administer an EpiPen. Remember, a child may be allergic to insect stings even if they’ve shown no sensitivity in the past.

Fire Safety

Every kid loves blowing out the birthday candles and making a wish. Just be certain that you observe some basic fire safety. Be mindful of flammable decorations, such as confetti and paper streamers, and always have a fully charged fire extinguisher nearby.

If you’re grilling, watch for little ones running or playing in the vicinity. The cooking area should be monitored by an adult at all times, and no child should be allowed around the grill until it has completely cooled.

Bouncy Houses

Bouncy houses/jumping castles are great fun, but a few sensible precautions need to be observed. First, rent the bouncy house from a reputable rental agency that will come to your party site and install it properly.

Most importantly, be aware that although these structures may look large, they are extremely light weight. Under no circumstances should they ever be used in windy conditions. A single strong gust can send a bouncy house high into the air, even with kids inside. There have been several recent cases of children seriously injured in this manner.

Choking Hazards

Even if your child is older, be aware that there might be guests’ younger siblings at your party. Deflated balloons, small party favors, and cupcake toppers can all present a choking hazard to these little ones. Consider age-appropriate alternatives for babies and toddlers and make certain that younger children are never left unattended or allowed to crawl on the ground where they might scoop up a small object.