Don’t Forget about You: Self-Care Tips for the New Mom

When moms have a baby, they think they have to put their lives on hold, as the well-being of their baby is more important. While the well-being of your baby is one of your primary goals as a mother, this can be seriously undermined if you don’t look after yourself.

Experienced moms will have some tried and tested techniques in place to help adjustto a new baby, but new moms will have to figure things out for themselves. A lot of the time, new moms believe that putting themselves first somehow makes them a bad parent, but this is not true. The golden rule is to take care of yourself as well as your baby. This may sound difficult, but by practicing self-care, you will find the time to chill out and re-energize yourself in ways that will have no adverse effect on your baby. So here are some self-care tips for the new mom, to get you started.

You Need to Sleep, Too

Most moms often say that they are sleep deprived, and sometimes, this is a result of trying to maintain the sleep pattern that they had before the baby arrived. During the first couple of years, it is useful to synchronize your sleep schedule with your baby but in a way that works for you. If you are an active person, afternoon naps are probably not going to be your thing. Use that time to do other tasks instead.

Don’t Forget about You: Self-Care Tips for the New Mom


A better solution is to go to bed early and schedule your sleep around the baby’s evening sleep and feeding schedule. This will hopefully get you the hours you need to feel energized the next day.

Get Out and About

One of the worst things new moms can do is lock themselves away from the world because they feel that they have to put the baby first. You can take her with you, even if it’s just a walk down the road to the coffee shop. You are more susceptible to baby blues if you stay in all day, every day and dedicate yourself exclusively to your baby.

Short walks to the park, a nice drive to the country, or a trip to your friend’s house are all simple things you can do to get some fresh air and avoid the feeling of “Groundhog Day!” These short trips will make you feel better, which will benefit you and your baby.

Join a Group

Another way you can get out with your little one for a few hours is to join a local mother and baby group. This will give you the opportunity to meet other moms that may share the same experiences and challenges you have about motherhood, giving you peace of mind about your baby’s well-being.

They are also great places for both of you to socialize, which helps you relax and gives your baby a chance to get used to interacting with new people. It’s a win-win!

Give Yourself a Few Hours

At some point, you are going to want to have an hour or two to yourself without having to worry about feeding or diaper changing. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean you are a terrible mother. In fact, you should try to give yourself some “me time,”as it allows you to chill out and re-energize and it will also help you appreciate the time you have with your little one.

Make use of the support network you have around you: partner, family, and friends will all be eager to help so that you can get out. Use the time to treat yourself by going shopping, getting your hair done, taking an exercise class, or having a kid-free lunch with your best friend.