Simple Ways to Ensure Your Newborn’s Health

Having a newborn can be anxiety-inducing, especially for mothers and fathers who are handling newborn child care for the first time. While children can seem fragile and delicate, they are actually very resilient. However, they still can be vulnerable as their immune systems are obviously still adapting; therefore, precautions need to be taken.

Simple Ways to Ensure Your Newborn’s Health

There are many ways that parents can help ensure their baby’s health which do not involve buying pricey equipment or needing to constantly worry. Below are only a few suggestions. Contacting a pediatrician will ensure the most reliable information regarding an individual child’s needs.

Love and Care

The best way to keep children healthy is to give him or her plenty of love. Showing affection, both verbally and physically, is so important for wellbeing. Physical touch is the best way to keep a child feeling calm and getting enough sleep.

Touch and affection have been proven to have other health benefits as well. It may not seem like babies have much awareness of what they are being told when talked to for a while, but the communication itself is so important to development.

Frequent doctor checkups are also vital for newborn child care. The pediatrics team will be able to assess the baby’s weight, height, and vital signs in order to compare and understand growth patterns. Within the first year of life, there should be 5-6 planned checkups.

When a parent has a question about the baby’s health, they should not be afraid to call and ask questions. Having a reliable pediatrician’s office will allow for peace of mind.


Even babies who are healthy can be susceptible to germs and sicknesses much more easily than toddlers. Two important parts of protection are keeping the baby away from germs and away from harsh temperatures.

For the first few months of life, babies should not be touched by anyone other than newborn child care givers, unless they are certain they are not sick and wash their hands to ensure no germs transfer. Parents and other caregivers should also frequently wash hands and maintain a clean environment to protect the child.

Temperature regulation takes some time for babies’ bodies to get used to. If a family is living in an area with extreme heat or cold, keeping them inside during the peak temperatures is the safest bet. Of course, they cannot stay inside forever. By dressing appropriately and paying attention to any warning signs (changes in skin color, emotions, appearing uncomfortable), a newborn is safe to be outside short periods at a time. Parents should trust their instincts, and if they feel too hot or cold, the baby almost certainly will be too.

Newborn child care is not as difficult as it may seem and does not need to be something that causes anxiety for parents. By taking simple precautionary steps to ensure the baby stays away from germs, seeing a doctor regularly, and giving lots of physical contact, a baby will be in the best position to grow up healthy and happy.